Meri Samruddhi
MIDC, Jalgaon (MH)425003

About Meri Samruddhi

Mission Save Soil

Suboneyo Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd, was established in 1978 in Jalgaon Maharashtra, under the leadership of Dr.rer.nat Sudhakar M Chaudhry, a visionary scientist, entrepreneur having wide experience of R&D in Bayer, Siemens, BASF Germany; who believed in leveraging chemical solutions to serve customers through innovation and research. We are inspired by his words and deeds to work together for a better tomorrow and to protect this planet for future generations.

We offer various Agri input solutions : plant nutrients, organic bio fertilizers, animal feed nutrients. We have partnered with leading Agri companies across the globe.

Innovation at Suboneyo is focused on delivering value to our customers. Sustainability as a practice is at the core of all of Suboneyo’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, and is woven into all our business functions.


With a dedicated mission of ‘Mission Save Soil’ Suboneyo’s solutions are helping farmers to maximise soil health, increase yield per field to earn double income and produce safe & nutritious food crops.

Meri Samruddhi

Suboneyo under the initiative of CSR conducting the activity of Meri Samruddhi ‘Improving Soil Health and Improving the Farmer’s Income. Under Meri Samruddhi programme farmers from various districts of Maharashtra are selected and are offered with natural plant nutrients Argilife to bring life to soil and improve the health of soil there by improving the yield of crops and improve soils ability to produce.